Client: Collaboration w/ inResidence and say hi to_
Work: Puffer Lounge
Material: Steel, Synethetic down feathers
Size: 710mm x 408mm x 612mm 
Location: San Francisco
Date: 2020
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Brief: Graft is an exercise of transformation, or of hybridization; a new combination of two or more existing objects, with the aim of generating another one, derived from a "graft" operation.
Graft is a project through which to assemble existing objects, characterized by a specific function or not, with the aim of creating useful artifacts to produce new awareness and knowledge.

We ask you to design a device of invention; we ask you to imagine an object resulting from the combination of others, which derives its identity from a reassignment of the specific characters of value, form, function, meaning of the original objects; we ask you to devise a new cultural device.

What kind of objects will we really need, tomorrow and in the near future?

Details: I wanted to explore the strength of a lightweight synthetic down jacket. The strength and durability of such a light weight jacket is often over looked. I wanted to reorient the viewer to understand how strong the
material is.


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